New Fee Structure

August 21 2014

All school year programs are currently in session and we’re excited for all of the great things happening!  Please be aware of the new fee structure that has taken effect as of August 2014.  

Over many years, we have been primarily funded with grants, but several grant streams are ending.  In fact, 63% of our budget is grant funds, and over 50% of that amount will disappear over the next couple of years.  We were notified this summer that because of a decrease in available funds for fiscal year 2015, the Department of Education beginning July 1, 2014 announced cuts to our grants of over $76,000.  Our board had already begun strategically planning for a deficit that would happen in the future.  Part of our strategic planning is to have more diversified and balanced funding streams, and program fees are a part of that.  With increased fees, we will not shift all lost grant funds onto parents. For families who cannot afford the increased fees, the Club continues to work on securing financial assistance funds to ensure all children can continue to attend Club programs regardless of their situation.

Please take a look at our new fee chart below.  Although it may look like it is a large increase in fees, it still comes out to $5/day if you use all Club programs offered 233 days per year.  Overall it is an increase of $60 more per member per year with all Club programs included.  Please know that we took into consideration the data from parent surveys in order to continue to offer a quality program at a low cost to families.     View Fee Structure Chart

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