Staff Spotlight!

September 27 2016

Senior Unit Director, Trent Jones!



1. Short Bio (Where are you from, college degree, etc):

 I’m from Hutchinson, KS. I attended Kansas State University and majored in Family Studies & Human Services with 2 minors in Leadership Studies and Conflict Analysis & Trauma Studies.

2. What role/job do you do at BGCM? 

 I’m a Senior Unit Director. I oversee programs primarily at our Wamego Site as well as the staff at EMS, AMS, and our 5th Street Site

3. When did you first get started with BGCM?:  

 I originally started with BGC in 2013. I was a Substitute for program leaders. J I have also worked at Bluemont Elementary, Lee Elementary, and Marlatt Elementary.

4. What  is your favorite thing about being a part of the BGCM Team?
Sharing common values with my coworkers. Everyone has a common goal of impacting others here.


5. What is your favorite memory or moment with the Club so far?:  

One of my favorite memories so far has been starting the program in Wamego and watching it grow. It’s been a blast learning about the community while building relationships with the schools, kids, and families.


6. If you had to pick one program, activity, or event that you enjoy the most at Club, what would it be?:  

My favorite part of the day at club is check in/snack time. I love getting to greet kids as they come from school and seeing how excited they are to get to BGC


7. How has being a part of the Boys & Girls Club movement influenced your life today?: 

 It has helped me realize how important it is for children to have positive influences in their lives. I am able to reflect on my childhood and see how lucky I was to have supportive family members and mentors who shaped me into  the person I am today.

8. As a kid what was your favorite school subject?

I loved all forms of Math!


9. Who has had the most influence on your work career?:  

My Parents and Family members have always taught me the importance of working hard to accomplish your goals.


10. Where are you currently on your life’s journey and what are your future plans?:  

I’m currently planning a wedding and getting married on October 1st 2016. We are excited to start our own little family with our rescued cat and dog. My fiancé and I have grown a huge heart for Manhattan, KS and hope that we can stay here and impact our community as we continue down our career paths.


11. Who is your favorite candy bar and why?:  

Peanut Butter M&M’s because they’re the perfect combination of chocolate and PB.


12. What is number one on your bucket list?: 

I would love to open and run a coffee shop.


13. If a kid wanted to grow up to have a job like you, what advice do you have for them?

Be Patient! J 


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