Academic Success

Project Learn reinforces and enhances the skills and knowledge young people learn at school through high-yield learning activities at the Club. Research shows that fun, academically beneficial activities increase academic performance. These activities include leisure reading, writing activities, homework help and games like Scrabble® which develop youths’ cognitive skills. Our Project Learn program emphasizes collaborations between Club staff, parents and school personnel.

Through a variety of educational activities, small group mentoring programs help children achieve academic success and enhance character and citizenship by reinforcing academic skills, particularly reading, math and social studies.  In this space, volunteer mentors, referred by K-State Volunteer Center/K-State Academic Mentors, provide additional attention to children at the Club in a variety of activities.

Arts activities help enhance spatial skills, creativity and academic success.  In the art room, members engage in learning the elements and principles of art (line, color, texture, space, form and shape) through art education activities using paint, clay creation, mixed media, watercolor and photography.  In a 15-station lab, Digital Arts Suites develop members’ technical skills, creativity and critical thinking with projects in Web design, graphic design, digital photography, electronic musicmaking and digital movie making.

Career Launch, designed specifically for middle school and high school students, promotes career development with a technology orientation, with an emphasis on technology-based job searches and application procedures, including for higher education institutions.  It also offers an on-line job interest survey. This program helps youth explore career options and understand the need for higher education or post-secondary training. Activities and topics planned include: career interest surveys, completing job applications, doing mock interviews, how to dress for interviews, discussing barriers to their dream career, developing goals to overcome those barriers, and doing job searches.

Other Programs Include:



Drama Matters

Music Makers




Thank you to Konza United Way, Inc. for supporting Adademic Success programs.

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