Summer Program

At the Club, we strive to give your child an experience they will remember, through safe, fun and enriching activities with our experienced and trained staff.

The Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan’s summer program is full of new activities each week, focusing on learning cultures from around the world. Review the weekly themes at the bottom of this page.

Summer Sign-Up:  Begins Wednesday, April 4th -  8:30AM at the Club’s main office on 220 S. 5th Street in Manhattan. Wamego parents can also sign-up at Central Elementary on April 9th and April 16th from 3:30pm - 6:00pm.

Who:  Kindergarten - 6th Graders  (Must have experienced Kindergarten)  
  • 5th Street
  • Lee Elementary (Lee & Marlatt students)
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary (T.R. and Bluemont students)
  • Central Elementary in Wamego
  • Woodrow Wilson Elementary ( Lee, Marlatt, T.R., and Bluemont students)

Please reference all timelines below as program locations do change. 

Program Timelines:

  • 5th Street: May 29, 2018 - August 3, 2018
  • Lee Elementary: May 29, 2018 - July 13, 2018*
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary:  May 29, 2018 - July 13, 2018*
  • *Woodrow Wilson Elementary: July 16, 2018 - July 27, 2018                                        (for Lee, Marlatt, T.R., and Bluemont students)
  • Central Elementary in Wamego: May 29, 2018 - July 20, 2018

*Woodrow Wilson site is available to Club members who are assigned to Lee, Marlatt, T.R., and Bluemont Elementary. 

All school-based sites have the option to sign up for extended programs at 5th Street. Program availability is based upon a first sign-up, first serve basis. In order to guarantee your slot, you must pay for a full week regardless of whether your child attends the full week.

5th Street Summer Program is available to:

  • Central Elementary (Wamego) Club members from July 23rd - August 3rd.
  •  Lee, Marlatt, T.R., and Bluemont Club members (attending the Woodrow Wilson site) from July 30 - August 3rd.
Food:  Breakfast and snack will be provided at all locations.  Lunch will be provided at all Manhattan Sites. Wamego members may need to bring a sack lunch - TBD.
Pool Info: We will take youth swimming 2 days/week, weather permitting, to the City Park Pool/ Wamego City Pool. Admission to the pool is in addition to the summer fees and must be purchased directly from the City Pool administrators. No pre-pay will be accepted at the Club. All swimmers will also need to purchase a BGC swim shirt to participate in swimming at the pools. T-shirts must be purchased through the Club, fee for shirts is $9. The Club will provide transportation to and from the pool. All youth, who travel to the pool with the Club, must return with the Club. NO MONEY for concessions will be allowed. An afternoon snack will be provided at the Club. Permission for your child to go swimming with the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan during the Summer 2018 program will need to be given.
Cost:  $80 / week / child   In order to guarantee your slot, you must pay for a full week regardless of whether your child attends the full week.

Is there a payment plan option? To reserve a program slot for your child, we must receive payment in full or ½ the total summer fee, plus the $30 membership fee (if applicable), and all past due balances at time of enrollment.  Remaining balance will be due to the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan by Friday, June 8, 2018, unless an alternate payment plan has been arranged.  On June 11, 2018, a late fee of $50 will be charged per child.  All fees must be paid by June 15 in order for member to continue attending programs. To sign-up for a payment plan, please bring a voided check to the Club at time of Summer sign-up.

Partial scholarships may be available for qualifying families. To apply for a BGC Scholarship, a copy of your 2017 Tax Return to verify family income is required. 

2018 Club Membership
All Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan locations provide a full range of activities and targeted programs that help Club members achieve academic success, good character & citizenship and healthy lifestyles.

Tuesday, May 28 – Friday, June 1

Get ready for a week of fun in the sun! Members will explore the expectations of each of our sites.  Enjoy high-yield activities, swimming* at the pool and get ready to travel around the world in just 10 weeks.


Monday, June 4 – Friday, June 8

Mama Mia! Pack a fork and your camera; we are headed to Italy!  We will explore the art, language, and food of this beautiful country, so come hungry and ready for a gondola ride. Ciao! 


Monday, June 11 – Friday, June 15

Bonjour! Take a boat tour along the Seine River, visit the Eiffel Tower, take a underground train ride on the Metro. Whatever you do, don’t forget to taste the macarons or   a chocolate truffle.  Au revoir! 

Monday, June 18 - June 22                                      

Picarones, pumas, and maracas, oh my! Pack your bags; we’re  going to Peru! We’ll explore nature, music, and food from this country!

Monday, June 25 – Friday, June 29 

 All aboard! Dress warm as we visit the second largest country in the WORLD! Make sure you bring your camera as we get ready to see stunning scenery, great lifestyle, and friendly people.   

Monday, July 2 – Friday, July 6 *No Club 7/4

Come to the Club ready to soak up some sun; our next stop is the Bahamas! We are going to dive into the incredible food,     landscape, and attractions of these beautiful islands.


Monday, July 9 – Friday, July 13

Hej Alla! Grab your ships, Vikings, as we set sail for Sweden! We will explore the many languages, culture, and history of this vast country. So come eager for knowledge as we set off on this    journey. Hejdå!


Monday, July 16 – Friday, July 20

Andao! (means “let’s go”) We are headed to Madagascar! You will want to be well prepared for this adventure of a lifetime and come with several cameras to capture the honeypot of unique wildlife!


Monday, July 23 – Friday, July 27

Wear your Purple Power Shirts, hats, and anything purple; we are going to celebrate the Little Apple.  So much to do and see in the city of Manhattan, home of the Wildcats!  EMAW!


Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 3  

It’s Back to School we go!  Let’s have fun because it’s cool to be smart!


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