External Group Fundraising

Fundraising for the Club!
Throughout the year we have many groups that propose fundraisers on behalf of the Boys & Girls Club and have worked successful in generating, much-needed dollars for our youth.  Below are some procedures to clarify our expectations and our role in your event and to avoid any misunderstanding.
These policies have arisen out of our experiences working with many groups and organizations with good intentions in the community who have contributed greatly to the success of the Boys & Girls Club. We trust that you will understand that our reputation is very important to us.  We want to ensure that our name is not associated with events that are either inappropriate for youth fundraising or fraudulent. We also want to respect our very generous business community from being “over-solicited” by our enthusiastic supporters.
Please understand that if you are planning a fundraiser for the Club you must be able to conduct the fundraiser without relying on the resources of our organization to make your fundraiser successful.  We cannot supply funds, staffing, volunteers, participants or attendees to your event or rely on our staff or youth to sell tickets.  We simply do not have the resources to do this for everyone who contacts us. We are happy to inform our board, staff, parents and youth of the event.
The Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan relies on the generosity of its community and we greatly appreciate your efforts.  Please know that we will do what we can to help support your event.  Contact our Marketing & PR Coordinator for more information at 785-539-1947.
  1. The Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan gladly accepts donations from community groups, organizations, businesses and individuals.
  2. If you are planning an event for the purpose of raising funds for the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan and plan to use our logo or our name in any fashion, either on promotional materials or in direct solicitations, you must contact us in advance for permission and approval of artwork.
  3. If you are planning a fundraising event where the proceeds, in full or in part, will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan WITHOUT using our name or logo, you do not need to contact us or get our permission.
  4. While the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan is happy to inform and promote your event to its board, staff, volunteers, youth members and their families, we regret that we cannot make a commitment to provide staffing, volunteers, participants or attendees. Please feel free to let us know if you would like us to inform our constituency about your event to encourage their support.
  5. For all questions and approvals, please contact our Marketing & PR Coordinator at 785-539-1947 or ofcmgr@bgclubmanhattan.com.
Thank you for all you do!
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