Meet the Staff
Staff members believe that commitment, accountability and emotional energy create a positive environment that supports the Formula for Impact and helps ensure that all young people realize their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.
Trent Jones
Executive Director
Pamela Nealey  
Director of Operations
Dawn McCarthy
Development Director
Catherine Robson
Director of Education
Jackie Anders
HR Manager
Jacqueline Coggins
Accounts Specialist
Michelle West
Administrative Assistant
5th Street Club
Position Open - Caleb Taylor 
Unit Director - Fifth Street Club
Phone: 785-539-1947
Bluemont Club
Missy Zila
Unit Director- Bluemont Elementary
Phone: 785-341-4969
Shayla Olson
KRR Coord. at Bluemont
Lee Club
Shannon Day 
Unit Director - Lee Elementary School
Phone: 785-341-3470
Brenna Harfert
KRR Coord. at Bluemont
Marlatt Club
Joelle Cuprak 
Unit Director - Marlatt Elementary School
Phone: 785-341-4967
Morgan Koenig
KRR Coord. at Marlatt
Theodore Roosevelt Club 
Ray Olson
Unit Director
Phone: 785-341-5729
Michelle Kirk
KRR Coord. at Theodore Roosevelt
Phone: 785-341-5729
Wamego Club
Abby Treadwell
Unit Director - Wamego
Phone: 785-341-0811
Eisenhower Middle School
Michele Riter
Unit Director
Phone: 785-341-0924
Kady Nunn
Program Coord. at Eisenhower Middle School
Susan B. Anthony Middle School & Teen Programs
Tori Schuldt
Teen Unit Director
Phone: 785-341-3581
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