Member Information
Club membership is available for all children and youth ages 5 (enrolled in Kindergarten) to 18. Transportation for youth is provided to our Fifth Street facility from 4 elementary schools. Children are served on site who attend Lee, Theodore Roosevelt, Bluemont, Northview, and Marlatt elementary schools, as well as Anthony and Eisenhower middle schools. We also provide Club programs at Central Elementary in Wamego for children from Kindergarten - 5th grade.

Becoming a member is simple

Just complete a membership application Online here, or download the forms below to deliver to our Main office site at 220 S. Fifth Street. When you complete your forms, membership and correlating program fees will need to be paid at our 5th street location.  Applications must be fully completed and signed by a parent or guardian.
 All Ages may fill out the online request above from Kindgartern - our Teen Programs!          

Special Diets

If your child requires a meal modification due to a food allergy or intolerance, please fill out the meal modification form.  Meal Modification Form

Club Members Fees

Club fees include an Annual Membership fee, based upon the Calendar Year (January - December), and then a Program related fee. To attend any program, you must first establish yourself as a member of the Club.

Club fees, in comparison to other area programs are likely much less. We strive to continue to offer programs that enable all families a safe, fun, and educational place when parents are at work or school. 

We are able to provide these program rates based upon our funding sources, which include: federal, state and local grants; Club fundraisers; Individual and Corporate Donors; and Program fees. 

Family PLUS Program

Family PLUS is a program of Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan designed to involve adult family representatives of our Club members in the mission of our organization. PLUS stands for Parents Leading, Uniting, and Serving. We need your help to make our Club the best it can be for your child. Your involvement in the Club will make a positive impact on our work and the success of your child.

Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan is a charity and your family benefits from the generosity of others if your child joins the Club. The actual cost of the Club’s services is approximately $35/week or $154/month. As you know, we do not charge a weekly/monthly fee like most child care services in our community. We need your help to improve the Club, our community, and our kids. This is your opportunity to give back.


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