Club Stories

Our Mission is to inspire and enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.  Below are some stories we are happy to share of local youth who have been impacted through Club programs and staff!


Summer 2017

Carter’s family was seeking a safe and educational place for him during the summer. Local programs only provided a few hours of care for children with exceptionalities. The Club’s Project Child provided just what the family was looking for. 

Project Child provides youth with exceptionalities in grades K - 6th with academic and age-appropriate recreational programs alongside their same-age peers. This program spends the mornings working on academics to combat summer learning loss, and the afternoon is spent in programs focusing on the arts, social and motor skills. 

Carter just recently finished his second summer in Project Child and not only does he look forward to coming to Club, his parents are thrilled with the options it has provided them with their son’s care. “Carter not only enjoys the program, but this program helped him to go back to school with more skills than he left with. And as two working parents, it has helped us to ensure we can continue working throughout the summer without worry,” says Dad, Brian.


Good Character and Citizenship - Summer 2017

“You have to have a good attitude and keep at it, even if you’re frustrated,” says Gemma, a Club member. Gemma and her friends Iris, Caitlyn, and Delaney exemplify good character and citizenship at their Club each day, a cornerstone of Boys & Girls Club programs. In their years of attending afterschool programming, these four have gained the skills needed to become leaders to their peers and younger Club members.

During Club, our youth are able to explore and enjoy new areas of recreational interest, as well as spend time focusing on academics. These young ladies have stepped up to help the “littles,” as the girls call them, with reading, writing, and arithmetic.

“Think about how proud you’ll be afterward, knowing how it’ll help them learn and enjoy Club time,” she continues.  These young ladies understand that a collective effort is most beneficial and work together to empower the “littles,” by embracing each of their different styles of learning. 

These four have built the confidence, social skills, and leadership skills needed to become great mentors to their younger schoolmates. Through their time at the Club, they have learned to encourage others by simply doing the right thing daily.


Summer 2017 - Healthy Living

One of our Club kids, Michael, was officially diagnosed with ADHD in the last school year. His family wrestled with the best way to support him to ensure his success.  His mother, Chelsea, stated that towards the end of the year he was not having successes at home or in school, acting out and constantly on fast forward.

 This summer he began attending summer programs with the Club.  Mom noticed a difference in her son about two weeks in. She stated that his behaviors basically disappeared and that she had her nice relaxed son back. Chelsea credits the Clubs’ busy and engaging schedule of activities that focused on academics, healthy living, and good character and citizenship. The fact was cemented for her when Michael spent the final two weeks with his grandparents, and his behavior began to return to old habits due to lack of structure. The family has been so pleased with Club programs, Michael is enrolled for the Fall semester and they are all excited about it! 


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